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Ffion Malwala

Loki Evans


The details

Hot on // dinner time

Love of // walks

Daydream // running through a field full of cheese

Loki maintains a keen eye on the web development process {in between naps}. Loki has a particular interest in technical design and front end development, providing vital feedback on site aesthetics through the medium of tail wagging and whines. Loki ensures his development team starts work bright and early, and encourages dinner time walks to maintain his team’s work standards throughout the day.

Rob Saunders Loki Evans

Ffion Malwala


The details

Known for // her legendary Nessa (Gavin & Stacey) impressions

Hot on // conceptual design ideas

Love of // TV series ‘Friends’ which we often have on in the office

Daydream // Brand design for a world class TV show

Ffion moved up from Cardiff to take the position with Daydream way back in 2010. She is the cornerstone of the team and permanently attached to her Mac with coffee in hand. Her love of people and stories really influences each design as she likes to add meaning and tell authentic brand stories.

Ffi has a passion for illustrative work and typography.

Siân Saunders Ffion Malwala

Rob Saunders


The details

Known as // the LinkedIn Guru

Hot on // digital marketing

Love of // Radio 2 Pop Master

Daydream // sipping margaritas whilst on tour with the band

Rob has a background in brand management, sales and marketing. Playing a vital role within Daydream Designs, he takes a holistic approach to clients’ needs and uses his expertise in public relations and copy writing to deliver compelling, measurable and targeted communications.

Rhŷs Harvey Rob Saunders

Siân Saunders



The details

Known for // obsession with fonts

Hot on // marketing with meaning

Daydream // travelling & working from a VW camper

Love of // coffee – the fuel of dreams

With a postgraduate diploma in Information Management, Sian has extensive project management experience – scheduling and driving work forward. The same principle always applies & the process is always as important as the finished project. With experience in web, graphic, interior and exterior design, Sian maintains a healthy balance between functionality and visual impact in all her work.

Beki Delaney Siân Saunders

Rhŷs Harvey


The details

Known as // Gadget Man

Hot on // customer support

Love of // latest tech

Daydream // to design for Morrissey or the Artic Monkeys

Rhys is our ‘Jack of all Trades’. Far from being a criticism in any way, he is the person that underpins all the other work in the team. His role is so diverse that it can range from fixing the tech, customer support and training to design or development!

Whenever we talk about Rhys, it usually follows the sentence “where would we be without him!”

Tom Evans Rhŷs Harvey

Beki Delaney



The details

Known for // being a little cat crazy

Hot on // balancing aesthetics with functionality

Love of // cosy blankets & binge watching netflix

Daydream // travelling the world

Beki thrives on a challenge and loves to take a project from concept to completion with much creativity in between.

She specialises in web design ensuring that each project stands out from the crowd.

Beki Delaney

Tom Evans



The details

Known for // early starts

Hot on // PHP

Love of // 80s metal

Daydream // working on a AAA video game

With a first-class honours degree in computer science, a distinction grade foundation degree in applied computing and extensive commercial experience across all aspects of the web development process, Tom has the skill set required to make your daydream web design a reality. In depth exposure to a wide variety of disciplines and technologies guarantees satisfaction and first-class service.